It’s no secret that high-tech is the future of business. So if you’re a student of Computer Science, Information Systems, or Business School, you want to be on the cutting edge of both technology and business.

Well you can’t be on the cutting edge if your tools are not!

Today a business should be totally relevant to the market it serves – engage continuously in forward-thinking – rethink strategies and revamp operating models frequently to take advantage of market dynamics while playing to their current strengths, predict new possibilities, and create and realize new opportunities.

So the same holds for your career. How can you read trends and stay relevant in your job? Whether or not you are directly responsible to transform a business or an organization – you may yet need to present many insights and forward-looking views – both for short and long terms. Notwithstanding your career path is heading towards being an Enterprise Architect, Consultant, Business Analyst, Systems Expert, Project Manager, Product Owner or a Technology Leader, you need to break free from the old ways and get up to speed with Mapping scenarios and opportunities  – also called Business Maps.

You have TWO choices of tools you may use!

Choose the OLD way of doing things: use Spreadsheets, PowerPoint decks, Business plans, and outdated modeling techniques that are laborious and time-consuming, and not so suitable for today’s fast-paced world of high-tech business.

Or the NEW way – we call it the Evolver Way!

Enterprise Evolver is “The App for Your Business Map!”, that makes it easy for you to reveal what it takes to reinvent – be it a company, product or service offering, and yourself! Express your insights, creativity, courage, hard work, and along the way, and seize the opportunities to reinvent your professional self!

What is Business Map?

When someone wants to get from one place to another, they use a map. When someone wants to tell a story, they capture the problem, the source and the solution, and then map it into a roadmap to run the storyline. The reason is simple. A map shows them where they are and what they need to do to get where they want to be. To show how everything is connected and related and their inter-locking value, compelling events and gaps. The clarity, ease of creation and comprehension are what make a map so valuable.

With Enterprise Evolver you can easily capture and configure organization structural elements such as strategies, goals, capabilities, resources, customer journeys, technologies and application systems along with any type of metric you can think of. Once structural elements are captured you can easily use them in the Visual Modeling tool to create a map linking the elements together quickly.   (Show visual modeling video here)

Demonstrate Your Business Acumen

Create what matters to your team, boss or organization quickly with Evolver. Capture and create your maps that answer the following questions – in other words, demonstrate your business acumen!

  • What value propositions are delivered to customers through what channels to which customer segments?
  • What capabilities are required to deliver the value propositions?
  • What skills are acquired through the external partners to enable which capabilities?
  • What bundles of products and services are you offering to each customer segments?
  • Which jobs of customers are we solving through which capabilities?
  • What are core capabilities that deliver value to customers?
  • What revenue is generated from each customer segment for what value?


Demonstrate your Technology and System Orientation


Create what it takes to assemble, enable and deliver what matters to the stake holders quickly with Evolver. Capture and create your maps that answer the following techy questions – in other words, demonstrate your application of Technology for delivering on the solutions!

  • What capabilities are implemented through what functional capabilities/services?
  • What application systems are used in what activities?
  • What is the cost for delivering a service or feature?
  • What business information is created or how it is used?


Express Yourself as a Future Business Leader!


It is your job, your career, your commitment to continuous learning, and the many insights you find to take action to reinvent yourself in the short term, shape your opportunities to better suit your interests in the long. Whether your career path involves business or projects management, you already know that how you manage information is what differentiates the outcomes – success or failure, and their interpretations, both yours and that of the team/organization you represent. As you prepare for your future – be it in school or out in the business world – leverage your learning to express yourself with Enterprise Evolver’s to help make that big picture vision, the story and map your solutions to present:

  • Your vision, core and non-core competences
  • Resources to deliver
  • Business capabilities that can be replicated for adjacent expansions and line extensions
  • Customer jobs, outcomes, impacts and experiences
  • Opportunity and Operating costs


Don’t leave your opportunities to chance!

Leverage Evolver to map and succeed!

Get your Enterprise Evolver from the iTunes App Store today and help yourself to stay ahead of the competition.





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