About Us – Enterprise Evolver-An App to Map the Whole Enterprise

Capability Management Inc.(A New York, USA based corporation) offers a comprehensive application Enterprise EvolverTM  and consulting services to manage enterprise complexity, enterprise evolution, and innovation. We deliver more than solution and software. We partner with clients to build the capabilities that they need to deliver their digital transformation & remarkable customer experience successfully. We help our clients turn their organization complexity into a Competitive Advantage.


Helping businesses and empowering employees to innovate by making an informed decision about a change before a change is implemented.


Design, develop and market user-centric mobile and cloud-based applications that speed up enterprise mapping, visualization, and decision making processes and to transform the way work gets done.

There are many challenges in business …
But getting the BIG PICTURE  shouldn’t be one of them to implement your business transformation initiatives!

What is Enterprise Evolver?

Enterprise Evolver is a forward-thinking business capability planning, modeling, and business transformational tool to support innovation.  Business professionals aspire to do their job well by being quick and resourceful. Hence, understanding the enterprise-level big picture quickly and easily is essential. However, most of the related information still lives in an ever-increasing mess of disconnected spreadsheets, systems, databases, applications, and enterprise architecture tools, – making it usually laborious to map all of this together.  

Evolver offers a simplified way to manage Enterprise Evolution!

The Evolver solves this problem with an intuitive design that helps you capture your data and relationship at any point in time with easy to use interfaces from all the devices and browsers. The Evolver enables you to map your capabilities, resources, strategy, and customer journeys to gain clarity on business situations and discover gaps that keep you from winning in the market. With Evolver, it’s easy to see, visualize enterprise complexity and analyze all the information you care about mapped in one place – to view, comprehend and to make faster, better-informed decisions for implementing any change.

Prepare to experience a new exciting “App to Map the Whole Enterprise !” …on your Desktop and Tablet and from any browser and any device.

The Evolver addresses users need in their own language, not in software engineering language. easily accessible from any browser or as a native iPad app offers a unique experience of modeling and mapping.

What does the Evolver do?

Organization Structure and Relationships

  • Capture organizational elements (e.g. different parts of business) and relationships and map them to show how various organizational elements such as capabilities and resources are connected within the enterprise to support your organizational goals. Gain a complete overview of all your dependencies.
Capture State of the business
  • Capture the evolution of your business capabilities portfolio or application portfolio and understand how the businesses evolving over time.
Perform Assessments
  • Perform capability analysis and assessments to find and close gaps, identify underperforming capabilities and resources, and shape your future strategies.
Model Business Change
  • Capture change in business in terms of capability increments and understand how a capability will evolve to support your strategies.
  • Develop capability maps to focus on the relationships between capability, services, projects and resources.
  • Create customer journey maps to depict customer pain points on various touch points and build a customer-centric organization.
  • Define business transformation and generate Capability roadmap to communicate the vision,
Capture Enterprise Architecture 
  • Capture business architecture, application architecture, technology and solution architecture to execute the business transformation’s vision.
  • Understand how every parts of the business are connected to deliver value and generate revenue.

A tool to visualize the complexity and evolution of your business to help you innovate!