Video Gallery – Enterprise Evolver-An App to Map the Whole Enterprise

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  • Capability Based Planning
    In this brief video, you will learn how to capture capability assessment and planning data such as capability current maturity, capability development time line, outcomes that capability will produce and the resources needed to deliver the capability. You will also learn how the capability roadmap is generated and used.
  • Coherence Dashboard Oveview
    The Coherence Dashboard (“Dashboard”) automatically generates a visualization based on the hierarchical, relationship data and capability planning data captured through the Designer feature. It displays the current status of structural data relevant to the enterprise. The Dashboard generate a visualization consist of boxes (no lines), each box represents business parts such as People, Capability, Goal, Outcome, Initiatives, and Application System etc.
  • Enterprise Evolver Mobile version 3.0 Overview
    This brief video provides an introduction of the features of the mobile version of Enterprise Evolver.
  • Overview Enterprise Evolver-Tutorial
    This is a brief tutorial of Enterprise Evolver 3.1 cloud version.Learn quickly all the features and start creating your maps and architecture.

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  • A short video on the capabilities of Enterprise EvolverCreate customer journey map and complete architecture to support customer journeys and deliver digital transformations! Visualize the journey and architecture over time!