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Use the Visual Modeling editor to capture the essence of business by modeling your business capabilities or simply application and technology inventory. Capture hierarchical data and relationships right from the Visual Modeling editor. Relate capabilities with the resources (e.g. people process, application systems, and technology) and see the big picture. Or simply create the essence of your customer journeys or model application architecture and solution blueprints. Use the built-in viewpoints templates to quickly create your models and blueprints. Understand dependencies and impact of change before a change happens. The intuitive visual modeling environment makes the modeling fun and easy!

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Import and export hierarchical data using Excel templates directly from your iPad. Add new attributes and properties to various objects to capture additional information.

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Share models and blueprints with your team and stakeholders to promote collaboration on their iPad using Dropbox cloud application. Print models on large posters or share as PDF. Full data security as the architecture/modeling data resides on your own iPad. Backup data on your free Dropbox account as an encrypted data file.

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Visualize and analyze complex relationship data dynamically through interactive graph

database.Improve organization design, remove duplicates, understand dependencies,

impacts and build coherent enterprises. Visualize the evolution of your enterprise with the Enterprise Evolver’s time machine feature.

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Perform assessments to assess business focus areas, identify under-performing capabilities or touchpoints or application systems and identify business opportunities. Assess capabilities, applications, technology, touchpoints or projects using many dimensions and weights. Create multiple dimensions (e.g. maturity, performance, strategy & value, cost & complexity) to rate your business capabilities and determine changes needed to achieve the future state. Create scorecards and heat maps and drive the transformation initiatives.

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Capture various organization structural elements (aka business parts) such as strategy, goals, capabilities, resources, data, people, application systems, and their relationships.  Visualize the meta model through an interactive graphical interface.

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