Roles – Enterprise Evolver-An App to Map the Whole Enterprise

Who can use Enterprise Evolver?

Professionals such as Business Leaders, Product Manager, Consultants, Analysts, Enterprise Architects, Business Designers, and Project/Program Managers across a broad range of industries can use Enterprise Evolver (“Evolver”) to map an organization’s big picture or business blueprint with capabilities, resources, services, products, data and customer experiences, quickly and easily!

Enterprise Evolver is an intuitive and amazing business app that helps in creating business blueprints, business capability model, service model or customer journey models without having to compromise on the quality of your business needs. Given the time scarcity that every business professional has to suffer, this app helps in quick solutions to all kind of model creation for your business.

Map Customer Jobs & Journeys, Business Goals & Strategy, Business Capabilities, Business Processes, Information, Technology and Application Systems and understand how all parts of the enterprise fit together and relate to each other. These maps and blueprints help you to understand the ecosystem of your business and how each parts interact to each other to deliver value to your customer and to generate revenue to your business.

Students across many disciplines (eg, business management, business design, information systems, and computer science) will find the Evolver a handy tool to improve skill set and advance their career!.

For Leaders

Successful leaders know that leadership is about communicating their vision using comprehensive pictures and thereby evolving the business. For every industry, blueprint or maps of business happenings and forthcoming growth plans is highly imperative for potential prosperity. The real challenge lies in the ability to ask the key questions that are critical for steering the organization towards the desired goals. Evolver makes it easy to capture the big picture, blueprints and offers insight on core capabilities that drive transformation initiatives with its dynamic data driven feature. Leaders use these blueprints to experiment the implication of change before the change is effected and to track the transformation initiatives.

For Consultants

Successful Consultants prefer to capture the big picture because they want to pro actively provide expertise that allows them to identify problems, discover capabilities, access performance of resources, and get the ball rolling towards progress. Evolver makes it easy to map capabilities with  resources and relate all aspects of operations logically. Evolver helps consultants to maintain multiple organization’s blueprints and business maps allowing them to support multiple engagements simultaneously.

For Enterprise Architects

Successful Architects prefer to capture the architecture of the complete enterprise because it allows them to effectively visualize and describe the enterprise and provides a common understanding of the enterprise. It also helps them to understand how everything fits together and work together helping them to create an integrated and holistic enterprise. They aim to align strategy with infrastructure and develop architectural solutions that have future capabilities in mind. Evolver makes it easy to map capabilities and resources with IT infrastructures. Various parts of organization are captured and mapped up to picture relationship between different elements of organization and how they are interconnected.

For Business / Systems Analysts

Successful Analysts need the big picture because it helps them define business and system requirements. They want to capture business requirements and customer experience requirements and align them with the capabilities to perform a gap analysis between as-is state and future-state. Evolver makes it easy to capture and track requirements against business capabilities and business activities.


All that you care about in one place… easy to view and follow… to make faster, better-informed decisions!

You can present, compare and share your goals, strategies, capabilities, and resources in one view! As you will discover, this is your Swiss Army Knife for mapping an enterprise. Not only can you manage every kind of maps, you can also understand the enterprise as a whole and reduce the risk of making big transformational changes.