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Capability Management Consulting Services

To win in an ever changing business environment, business complexity must be simplified to meet the challenge from the external threat. At Capability Management, we are led by design thinking, system thinking and architecture thinking. We offer superior management consulting services in the niche of Business Transformation, Enterprise Architecture and Capability Management to help you continuously evolve your business that create sustaining value to your customers.

Enterprise EvolverTM is our product designed specifically with business leaders and entrepreneurs in mind, as well as for analysts and architects. Because the focus is less on the framework and the jargon, and more on your business needs and your thoughts, the value of a business maps and architectures created with our product is enormous. Our expert consultants and analysts will help you capture your vision, big pictures, current and aspirational states of your business mapping capabilities, infrastructure and resources, create gap analyses with heat maps, and create your customer experience journey with architectural views. We fill the gap between design thinking, system thinking and architecture thinking!

Regardless of the industry, our team can assist you in your business transformation. We provide our services through the following offerings.


  • Management Consulting services – help capture vision, capture capability models, capability viewpoints, operation views, system views , customer views  and roadmaps from business, technical and as well as customer perspectives to deliver your strategy.
  • Design Thinking Capability- Our design thinking team can help build design thinking capabilities in your organization. We can help re-charge your enterprise architecture organization or digital organization or product development team with our design thinking expertise.Design Thinking EA
  • Enterprise Evolver integration – We also offer a full range of consulting services to help you get the most out of our offerings. We can implement an enterprise version of Enterprise Evolver to be used by multiple users within your organization. We can help you build a coherent organization by implementing advanced practice of Enterprise Architecture (EA) . Our consultants can also provide you custom solutions and integration services .Please contact us for further information to discuss your consulting needs.
  • Remote Consulting – We offer remote training services on using the advanced features of Enterprise Evolver. We help remotely via teleconference and online session to teach you everything you need to know about Enterprise Evolver. Remote training can help you to become an expert in Enterprise Evolver by receiving practical experience from our expert.  We can provide 10 hours or more online training based on your needs. Please contact us for further information to discuss your training needs.
  • Training –Our consultants will train your staff in our tool and methodology.

Please contact us for further information on our consultants, enterprise license and how we can assist you to evolve your business.