Support – Enterprise Evolver-An App to Map the Whole Enterprise

Getting Started

  • The Canvas editor is the central page that provides access to all the functionalities that are required to manage an organization’s information and maps.Read more..

  • The Configurator is used to configure the categories or organizational elements in a group by enabling you to add new fields to a category, creating links between category, import and export information belonging to a category.Read more..

  • The Compare features is used to find the gaps between two states of a map, i.e. current state and future state of capability-IT map.Read more..

  • The Explorer lets the user have a consolidated view of all the relationships to a particular organization’s element, for example, viewing capabilities as a collection of people, applications, information and technology.Read more..

  • The Full Editor is used to add various organization categories to a map, decorate maps, and to add links & tags.Read more..

  • The Evolver’s Home /Landing page offers an easy way to jump start the creation of an organization. The Home page is the place where the Evolver maintains your organization’s information.Read more..

  • The Heatmap is used to perform assessments and generate Heatmaps. The tool can be used to continuously evaluate and reevaluate organization elements such as capabilities, projects and resources. You can achieve a comprehensive understanding of your business’s critical maturity gaps by various type of assessments and the Heatmap generated could help you focuses planning efforts on the most strategically important performance gaps. Senior executives use heat maps as input to strategic planning.Read more..

  • The Map Management feature is used to organize maps into many folders. Additionally, user can use this feature to edit a map name, remove a map , clone a map, move a map from one folder to another and compare two maps. Read more..

  • The Repository is used to capture and store hierarchical information for organizational elements.Read more..

  • The system editor screen is used to manage an organization’s structure’s groups and categories and association between categories.Read more..

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