Business and IT professionals know quite too well the importance of having intimate knowledge  about the relationship an enterprise business’s strategy, capability, processes, technology, information systems and other resources and how the organization deals with its resources, capabilities and customers.

In Enterprise Evolver, you can now map Customer Jobs & Journeys, Business Goals & Strategy, Business Capabilities & Outcomes, Business Processes & People, Technology & Application Systems and understand how all parts of the enterprise fit together and relate to each other to deliver value to your customers.Most importantly, you can visualize your complex enterprise in a network graph on your own iPad.  

Watch this video to learn how quickly you can create maps and multi-dimensional blueprints with all the details for decision making and to understand how blueprints can be created to show how various business parts fit together in an organization.

Watch this video to learn how to generate insights from the blueprints created earlier. Use the blueprints to manage a change; understand the impact of change before a change is affected and more. Use these blueprints to remove redundancies across business and IT portfolios. The powerful visual tool in Enterprise Evolver with a great combination of analytical options Filters, Tags, search capabilities deliver all the details you need to effectively analyze your architecture to generate insights and create new business value.

Watch this video to learn how to communicate blueprints to your stakeholders and to promote collaboration.

Download the app on your iPad from this link .