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Enterprise Evolver – Centrality & Flow Modeling Features

The Insight Analyzer feature of Enterprise Evolver provides many functionalities for users to visualize and analyze enterprise data through interactive directed network graph (“graph”). The Insight Analyzer offer another way to visualize complex relationship.. The network graph consists of a set of nodes and edges. Nodes represent the business parts and edges are the connections […]

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Applications of SNA in Enterprise Architecture

So, in my last article “Visualizing the Complexity of the Enterprise”, I talked about the new graph feature added in the app Enterprise Evolver (“Evolver”). This graph feature is the foundation upon which many technical capabilities can be added into the App to understand enterprise complexity and to support decision making for any business transformation initiative.  An enterprise […]

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Evolver New Features!

Some new features added for the upcoming release , scheduled for next month, are listed below: 1- Visualization of concept model (aka meta model) 2- Enhanced Visual Editor (renamed from Appearance Editor) 3- Sharing of maps data across team to promote collaboration You can share any map , configuration data or hierarchical data among your […]

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