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Putting Capability Model to work

capacity assessment

In this article, you will learn the capability assessment framework that you can use to quickly assess your capability portfolio and make investment decisions and identifying capabilities that need to be enhanced to achieve the organization outcome. Capability assessment also uncovers business opportunities to grow. In Evolver, you can create the capability model quickly with […]

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Optimize Application Portfolio with Evolver


In the latest release of Enterprise Evolver, many new enhanced features are added to optimize the application portfolio. An application supports specific business functions or business process.  To optimize and simplify application portfolio, you need to have following capabilities:– An ability to capture application information (e.g, name, description, cost, production date, expiry date etc)– An ability […]

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Capability Driven Strategy for Innovation

Business Change and Execution

In today’s fast-changing environment and in the age of disruption, organization’s business models are not durable enough to manage change. Most change in business model is driven by the change in customer journey that drives changes in organization capabilities. The traditional approach of developing strategies are not suitable in the age of disruption. Enterprise Evolver (“Evolver”) […]

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Application and Technology Portfolio

app tech portfolio

In Evolver, an application system is considered a software program or business application that causes a computer to perform useful tasks beyond the running of the computer itself. An application performs certain business activities or tasks to deliver a business capability. An example of an application would be “Financial System”, “Inventory System” or “Patient Record […]

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How to create a customer journey map

Customer Journey Models

Customer journey map (aka experience map) is a strategic planning tool that provides a common understanding of:how customers are interacting with various touchpoints to reach their goals, what is their whole experience and what business parts (e.g. journey stages, customer goals & outcomes, needs, services, touchpoints, systems, business processes, people) go into making up those […]

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Build Capability Model quickly with Evolver

Experience map

Building capability model and relating the capabilities to resources (e.g. people, technology, and applications ) could be challenging and time-consuming if you don’t have the right tool. Learn how to use Enterprise Evolver Mobile app to capture the essence of your business in few minutes. Relate your business capabilities to resources (e.g. people, application, and […]

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How to create a capability roadmap


In my previous article, I have introduced the capability roadmap feature. In this article, I will describe all the steps that you should take to generate the capability roadmap. Typically, large scale capabilities are developed or enhanced in increments by multiple projects. The Evolver allows breaking down a capability into capability versions or increments. In […]

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Capability Roadmap

Capability Roadmap1

In my previous article “Capability-Based Planning“, I described the meta model to support the capability based planning along with the description of the core components. In the latest version of Enterprise Evolver, you are also able to generate capability roadmap to support the large business transformation initiative to align the investment. The capability roadmap is useful […]

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Coherence Dashboard – New Features


Some new features of Coherence Dashboard visualization tool.The Tool-tip contains more relationship counts. When you browse a category, the tool tip will display incoming count (eg incoming associations to the selected category) and outgoing count (eg outgoing association to other categories from the selected category). Further more, incoming count and outgoing counts are broken down […]

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Capability Based Planning


Business capabilities describe what the business does, a common understanding of the business landscape, and what it will need to do differently in response to business challenges or opportunities. A Business Capability (aka capability) is hierarchical in nature; a complex capability is decomposed into smaller parts. Capability-based planning focuses on the planning, enhancing, redesigning and […]

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