2015 December Archive - Enterprise Evolver-An App to Map the Whole Enterprise

Architect-Analyze-Share and Remove Redundancies and Complexity

Business and IT professionals know quite too well the importance of having intimate knowledge  about the relationship an enterprise business’s strategy, capability, processes, technology, information systems and other resources and how the organization deals with its resources, capabilities and customers. In Enterprise Evolver, you can now map Customer Jobs & Journeys, Business Goals & Strategy, Business Capabilities […]

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Intelligent blueprints for decision makers

An architecture blueprint or map of an enterprise provides a common understanding of the enterprise that the decisions makers can use to understand how various parts (e.g. People, Process, Capability, Knowledge, Data , Technology & Customers) of an enterprise are related and fit together to deliver value and generate revenue. With Evolver, you create intelligent […]

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Deliver Digital Transformation with Customer and Capability Viewpoints

In my previous post “Viewpoints and Integrated Enterprise Architecture“, I talked about the support for various viewpoints in Enterprise Evolver ( “Evolver”) app. The Evolver app allows you to map the whole enterprise to understand how all parts of the enterprise fit together and relate to each other to deliver value to your customers. In this […]

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