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Designer Module- Improved look and feel and less steps to capture data

Designer New

Some new improvements are coming soon in the Designer module. The UI has many new improvements that simplify the way you capture data, perform capability based planning and establish links and relationships. The way you capture a hierarchy is changed. There is an ‘Add New’ that you will use to create hierarchy and links. The […]

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Use the Evolver App to ensure success with Digital Transformation

web image

Enterprise Architecture (EA) is a capability to architect the business and comprehend the reality of the enterprise with the goal of managing complexity and creating coherent enterprises. According to a recent report ” How enterprise architects can help ensure success with digital transformations” from McKinsey&Company, When companies go all in on digitization, the number of […]

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Time Machine to support business evolution

Time machine-evolution

In the latest release of the Enterprise Evolver app, a time machine feature is added. To visualize the network data over time, the Insight Analyzer offers a time machine feature. This feature allows users to visualize the evolution of enterprise in terms of how nodes and connections change over time. For example, users can visualize […]

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Outside-in Architecture and Customer Journey Map

Capability based planning and graph

This is the part 2 of the article focusing on outside-in architecture. In the part 1, I focused on defining the customer journey mapping which is one of the key blueprints used for designing business from the outside-in. In this article, we will dig deeper into understanding what it takes to map a journey and the key building […]

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Demystifying Customer Journey Mapping, Breaking silos through Outside-in Architecture

demystifying CJ

This is a series of article focusing on outside-in architecture. These articles will dig into  the outside-in blueprints, maps,  methodology and the techniques available in Enterprise Evolver app to transform a business to more customer centric. This series would be very helpful for customer experience (CX) professionals, enterprise and business architects but also within marketing, customer service, product […]

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Deliver Digital Transformation with Customer and Capability Viewpoints

Customer Journey -ProJ

In my previous post “Viewpoints and Integrated Enterprise Architecture“, I talked about the support for various viewpoints in Enterprise Evolver ( “Evolver”) app. The Evolver app allows you to map the whole enterprise to understand how all parts of the enterprise fit together and relate to each other to deliver value to your customers.In this post, […]

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Design Thinking for a sustainable & innovative Enterprise Architecture Organization

Design Thinking EA

In the traditional enterprise architecture (EA) organization, architecture is developed by capturing the baseline and then defining the target architecture and roadmap to achieve the vision. Many times a future state is created by focusing on architecture framework(s) and by creating many drawings and maps spending countless amount of time and money. These approaches of […]

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Enterprise Evolver- An Engagement App

two filters clearer

Apple and IBM are redefining the mobile enterprise industry and their last year partnership’s  announcement is designed to revolutionize industry and empower employees. Apple iPad Pro with 12.9-inch 2732 x 2048 resolution display, which will be available next month, is designed specifically to empower employees more creative and more productive — at a whole new scale. Imagine all […]

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Visualizing Complexity of the Enterprise

app image 2

Business and IT professionals know quite too well the importance of having intimate knowledge about the relationship of an enterprise business’s strategy, capability, processes, technology, information systems and other resources and how the organization deals with its resources, capabilities and customers. When working towards success, it is extremely important to understand that those are constantly […]

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Architecting for Customer Outcomes

Architecting for Customer  Outcome

Architecting for Customer OutcomesIn my previous article “Architecting for Business Outcomes” , I talked about how capability modeling is used to achieve your business outcomes. This blog should have come first. Because without design for customer outcomes, there can never be any business outcomes.It is vitally important to bear customer outcomes in mind as you […]

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