Often business and enterprise architects struggle to create a capability overview report to show how enterprise budget is allocated to the capabilities of organization and how mature are they and how are they supported by various technologies , people and process.

In Enterprise Evolver, the Capability Portfolio View does this job nicely. Users can either select a group of capabilities are all the capabilities of the organization to generate this report. The report generated shows the total spend by each capability in a bar chart, and capabilities maturity are shown by a pie chart. For example, the pie chart shows how many capabilities are in maturity level 1, level 2 to Level 5. The Design module is used to capture capability budget, performance and maturity level , see this picture below

The report also displays in a tabular format the number of goals each capability supports and number of processes/activities in which a capability is implemented, and number of people, technologies and applications support a capability. It also inform, how many critical links exist to a capability. These information are very vital to analyze which capabilities are important capabilities and which one is complex capability based on number of relationships that it has to various business parts. A capability which uses many applications and technology indicates that there might be duplicate technologies and applications are used or there may be an opportunity to create an integrated system by retiring existing application systems. A capability that supports many enterprise goals also indicate that the capability is important to the business.

Since products/services and features are the outcome of capabilities , this same reports can also be used by your product managers to understand how capabilities are delivering various features through various capability increments/versions.

This view also used to understand how human resources are allocated to various capabilities, this tabular format is very useful for Portfolio Planners and Resource Managers to understand how various resource are utilized across the enterprise and which capabilities are not paid enough attention from the resource point of view.

Definitely , use this report to prioritize investments and to simplify your technology and application portfolio and manage people resource capacity.