Apple and IBM are redefining the mobile enterprise industry and their last year partnership’s  announcement is designed to revolutionize industry and empower employees. Apple iPad Pro with 12.9-inch 2732 x 2048 resolution display, which will be available next month, is designed specifically to empower employees more creative and more productive — at a whole new scale. Imagine all the enterprise data (Customer jobs/experience, Strategy, Capability, Service, People, Technology and Process) across your enterprise brought to life with relevant business & architecture maps, heatmaps, network  graphs and analytics, accessible anywhere employees may be, with an engaging, intuitive user experience.

Recently released Enterprise Evolver (“Evolver”) mobile app from Capability Management Inc., available for iPads in the Apple App Store is a flexible, easy and fun to use productivity app for creating any kind of data driven blueprints, architecture maps,  and business maps. With Evolver all levels of a company can have their mapping needs met. Managers, analysts, architects, senior executives and consultants, they all have many types of maps to work within the app: Business Models and Capabilities maps, Initiative Capabilities map, Customer Profile and Customer Journey map, Business Activity/Process map, Service map, Value Proposition map, Value Stream maps, Strategy map , Requirements map. You name it, and there’s a way to create any data driven map that can be used to address many organization questions as highlighted above. It allows everyone in your organization to create valuable business maps…Maps that show them the enterprise-level big picture quickly by connecting all the dots and…You guessed it…Precisely.

A Forward-thinking business  mapping and enterprise architecture solution in your business transformation arsenal!

Enterprise Evolver offers 5 pillars of offerings from configuration to mapping to visualization, analysis and sharing the maps & enterprise data to promote collaboration and  to keep the employees engage throughout their journey.
5 pillars offering
A brief description of how the app works to keep the employees engaged throughout their journey to empower them is illustrated below. 
Employee Journey
Enterprise Evolver allows business and IT professionals – Product Managers, Business Consultants, Enterprise Architects, Business Architects, Business Analysts, IT Managers and Business Designer to map the big picture of their organization or processes and thereby helps them to understand gaps, duplicates and identify opportunities. 

Map today your Customer Jobs & Journeys, Business Goals & Strategy, Business Capabilities & Outcomes, Business Processes & People, Technology & Application Systems and understand how all parts of the enterprise fit together and relate to each other to deliver value to your customers. It is a highly recommend software for anyone dealing with the complexities of business and entreprise architecture mapping. In essence, a fundamental tool to be used constantly for any serious approach at strategic planning, business transformation and enterprise architecture initiatives.

Visit the educational video library to learn more about the app. 

To download from the Apple Store , tap here. For an enterprise license, contact us using this link