Venugopal Chepur

Inspiration doesn’t come from comfort, it comes from change. So we all have to accept change and move out of comfort zones at some point in our lives to attain success in our endeavors. When we commit to fresh thinking to either catch up or create self-disrupting ideas, we need more people who admire our vision and believe in the possibilities, and join hands with us. However, we are frustrated when our own team doesn’t shore up the winner ideas; and we’ve got to find ways that inspire them.

As an Enterprise Architect, I always thought of myself as a professional who would bring holistic, integrated blueprints of business strategy aligned with solutions, road maps and resources that assist execution of solutions meeting business objectives. And in the process I wear many hats of a data scientist, analyst and systems infrastructure expert, and so on. However, today’s pace of customer dynamics, investment prioritization, digital technologies and ROI calculators, there’s little time and patience on part of multiple teams to get the grand promise of the solution accepted. Many a time, they get a fragmented picture and that is so dampening the spirits when presented through the old ways Soft Power Point presentations and fuzzy numbers. As a result, I have reinvented my role as an Architect in to a fascinating hybrid of Business Consultant and IT Maestro!

Yet my challenges remained 2 folds. I still used those vision maps and graphic designs developed by our graphic designers and business analysts; and continued to use age old Power Point styles and landscapes only with some small variations to avoid looking monotonous.Hmmm… I used to struggle endless number of hours to bring the holistic look and sound it rhythmic enough to entice project teams – Business leaders, Architects, (IT Archs, App Archs, Data Archs, Digital Archs, etc.), PMO, Project Managers, Business Analysts and System Analysts, and more.

Aha… now, I found Enterprise Evolver which has changed my life for better, forever. Something that enabled me to map all the needed information – capabilities, resources and initiatives & projects with roadmaps and outcomes as the teams like to see – easily comprehend and translate the possibilities for entice the teams with humongous clarity for better decision-making.

How is this accomplished? Try Enterprise Evolver. I am sure you will agree that this is the closest Saxophonic answer for being a Maestro… er., an Architect to map the dreams and inspire teams!