Enterprise Architecture (EA) is a capability to architect the business and comprehend the reality of the enterprise with the goal of managing complexity and creating coherent enterprises.

According to a recent report ” How enterprise architects can help ensure success with digital transformations” from McKinsey&Company, When companies go all in on digitization, the number of point-to-point connections among systems rises almost 50 percent, the quality of business-process documentation deteriorates, and services get reused less often.
According to an IDC report also, “By 2017, 60% of Digital Transformation Initiatives Will Not Be Able to Scale Because of a Lack of Strategic Architecture”.

Enterprise’s complexity is visualized by mapping enterprise parts (eg. strategies, capabilities, products, services, people, processes, technology and application systems ) to understand how all parts of the enterprise fit together and relate to each other to deliver value and generate revenue.

The mapping of business parts allows you to understand and analyze the interconnected nature of a business that helps in reducing the complexity.

Enterprise Evolver offers many tools to visualize and reduce complexity for your digital transformation program.

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