In the upcoming release due next month on September 2017, we are adding many new features including application and technology portfolio management. You will be able to manage the life cycle of technology and application portfolio, understand the relationship between technology and applications and complexity and through a dashboard, you can visualize the application/technology spend, the health of the application/technology, life cycle view and the application and technology roadmap. In the new release, you can proactively plan for the life cycle of applications/technology from planning to operation and retirement. Moreover, you will be able to understand application risk due to unsupported or out of date underlying technology and more.

Many existing features for application rationalization already exist are as below:

  • Understand most complex/integrated application with many dependencies using Insight Analyzer
  • Map capability with applications and understand duplicates
  • Allocate application/technology during capability planning to understand the cost of capability increment development.
  • Visualizing dependencies and complexity

app life cycle
More information will be coming soon so keep an eye and spread the word!
BTW, this is only available in our Cloud/SaaS browser application.

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