Change is perpetual never ending. Organizations are constantly developing solutions and releasing new features to support business change. So how do you build a process to manage the continuous change and how do you visualize the evolving nature of your business?

Enterprise Evolver provides a continuous architecture development environment with all the knowledge of business capabilities to help you evolve in the right direction. In Evolver you not only model your business capabilities but also describe multiple capability increments or versions to model the continuous change. Capability increments are defined to document changes that are going to take place at a given point of time. The change could be a minor or major enhancement or the complete redesign of the capability.  Evolver generates a capability increment roadmaps to keep you informed what is happening and guide you to continuously improve business capabilities. 

 “To compete against digital-born companies, traditional companies need to adopt a much different approach to designing and managing enterprise architecture—a model we call “perpetual evolution,” because it emphasizes continual changes to and modular design of business capabilities as well as the technologies behind them.”

(Source: “Perpetual evolution—the management approach required for digital transformation”- Mckinsey&Company)

Use Enterprise Evolver to continuously create your enterprise architectures and manage change. The days for traditional as-is and to-be models of enterprise architecture for managing change is over! You need a tool that provides you an environment for continuous architecture development. Subscribe now !

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