In my previous post “Viewpoints and Integrated Enterprise Architecture“, I talked about the support for various viewpoints in Enterprise Evolver ( “Evolver”) app. The Evolver app allows you to map the whole enterprise to understand how all parts of the enterprise fit together and relate to each other to deliver value to your customers.

In this post, we will go into details about how to use the Customer & Capability (Strategic) Viewpoints to support a digital transformation initiative that you are undertaking. Moreover, you will also learn some tips and techniques to design incredible customer experience and architect your organization from outside-in, i.e. from customer ‘s perspective. 

Customer Viewpoint

The Customer Viewpoint feature in the Evolver app offers many ready to use templates for the stakeholders responsible for delivering customers experience through digital transformation. The templates will assist them to create maps to visualize all interactions customers have while doing business with the enterprise. The digital transformation requires both understanding of customer’s steps (aka journey steps) that they take in engaging with your company across all the touchpoints and the capabilities that are delivering those experience. So, the customer journey mapping and as well as the capability mapping are necessary to support a journey focused digital transformation initiative.

Digital means to rethink how existing capabilities can be enhanced or new capabilities can be developed to deliver incredible customer experience for journey focused innovation. 


The Customer Viewpoint will helps you :

  • to describe and capture customer journey stages to depict all interactions that your customers have while doing business with you.
  • to describe and capture  customer jobs/goals (e.g. functional and emotional jobs both), their desired outcomes, their actions & motivations on each stages;

Each customer job must be aligned with the journey stages that customer are taking.

  • to describe and capture touchpoints and link them to each journey stage; touchpoints (e.g. your web site, product page, social media page, ordering mobile app etc)  are usually grouped by journey stages;

Touchpoints are the places where customers are engaging with your company. 


The rows in the journey map represent items “on stage” or “back stage” and Tags can be used to capture things like “Needs”, ‘Customer Attitudes” , “Pain Points”, and ‘Moment of Truth” etc.  The Customer Viewpoints offers templates like Experience Journey map, Job map and Job Outcome map for capturing customer experience and interactions that your customers have while doing business with you. Each interaction represents an opportunity to provide better customer experience.

Get a holistic view of your customer experience across channels & Touchpoints with Enterprise Evolver.

 Provided below are the screen shots from the Visual Editor of the app illustrating steps for creating a map. 

Capability Viewpoint

The Capability/Strategic Viewpoint deals with the identification of capabilities needed to support customer experience. The Capability modeling is a standard approach for architecting the business; the capability modeling provides a shared understanding of the relative value of all business activities the business must perform to achieve the desired customer’s outcome.

The Capability Viewpoint feature in the Evolver app deals with the identification of business capabilities needed to execute a strategy to deliver those customer’s outcome captured earlier using the job-outcome map. The Evolver offers many templates to support the Capability viewpoint such as Capability Model, Capability Activity Map etc. With the help of Capability models and maps, the journey map can also be extended to capture the full journey ecosystem (e.g. adding Services/Products, People, Application System & technology layers) .

Connect customer journey map to your capability map to comprehend the customer journey reality!

 The following map depicts a sample shopping journey ecosystem.

There are other features in the Evolver app such as Network graph to help visualize and understand your organization reality from customer point of view. You can also use the Evolver heat map feature to score touchpoints using dimensions like emotion, pain point, moment of truth, best practices etc. and develop prioritization plan for change. Use Share features to share the map and findings with your stakeholders.

The maps and architecture created in Enterprise Evolver helps to manage the details so you can focus on what matters most: understand gaps, identify duplicates, visualize complexity, fathom unknown, enable customer experience for journey focused innovation and understand how value flows across organization.

A simple solution to handle the complexity and to design incredible customer experience and to support digital transformation!

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Watch this brief video to  learn how maps are created quickly with easy and intuitive interface.