Some new features added for the upcoming release , scheduled for next month, are listed below:

1- Visualization of concept model (aka meta model)

Concept Map

Meta Model

2- Enhanced Visual Editor (renamed from Appearance Editor)

Visual Editor

Visual Editor

3- Sharing of maps data across team to promote collaboration

You can share any map , configuration data or hierarchical data among your team to promote collaboration. An encrypted data file is generated and stored on your Dropbox application. You can then share the file with anyone in your team.

4- Full database back up and recovery

Evolver new version will allow you to take full database back . You can either set the automatic back up or back up on demand.

5- New way to Visualize map data as a network to perform various analysis

The Evolver has new Analytics functionality to visualize data in a network format. You can perform many analysis , for example using filter to analyze links and connection 
for a particular node in the selected network diagram.

Network Analysis

Network Analysis