You can use the Evolver to create maps to analyze your business from many different perspectives. For example, when you input your capabilities, resources, technologies etc., the Evolver connects them to create the map you had wanted. This helps you to discover gaps, duplicates and redundancies that keep you from winning in the market, design a strategy for a well-modulated growth, and align a portfolio of businesses behind your capability system. Another way is to architect your business from customer perspective.Use the Evolver to create customer journey maps to depict all interactions that your customers have while doing business with you. Each interaction represents an opportunity to provide better customer experience. You can map each journey steps to the touchpoints and capture various attributes (eg pain point, moment of truth, cost to fix the touch point etc). You can map touchpoints to the services that you provide and then to capabilities that provides those services. Connect customer journey map to your capability map helps organization to understand what capabilities are adding value and enhancing customer experience at each touchpoints.

What more, you can view distinctive capabilities and services – current, incremental OR radically innovative ones – to develop initiatives to evolve your enterprise.