Promoting Collaboration

Although, Enterprise Evolver only runs on an iPad device there are many ways to promote collaboration with your team in the upcoming release 2.0.1
. You can share the meta model, maps data or configuration data or repository data among your team members.

Meta-Model can be shared from the Configurator screen to the team members keeping everyone informed. Steps to share configuration file across team:

Share the meta model and configuration data  with your team

Share the meta model and configuration data with your team

  • Tap on share icon
  • Tap on export link to generate an export file.
  • Share the link to your team members.

We recommend that you should assign one person as a content coordinator for any meta model and configuration changes. Not everyone should be allowed to change the meta-model or the definition of any business part (e.g. adding new fields etc.). Assigning one person for this task ensures that the collaboration takes place smoothly minimizing redundancies and duplicate effort. A governance process should be established for request for change and team members should be instructed to send their request to the content coordinator.

Anyone can share any map to any team member from the Map share option. It is not necessary to share maps to the content coordinator unless he/she is part of your team working on the same project that you are working. We recommend that every team member should take back up of their work time to time. Team members are encouraged to set daily backup on their devices.

Repository data can also be shared among team members from the repository share option.

To download from the Apple Store , tap here. For an enterprise license, contact us using this link