Please let us know when you are going to be allowing the automated import of more than 3 levels into the iPad version of the app?

Three levels is totally inadequate for anything but the tiniest of companies. We (as most larger organizations do) deal with thousands of capabilities going down 6-10 layers. We need to deal with all of these using the automated import functionality that you currently have limited to only 3 layers with the hope that people will pay for your annual subscription services and use your online app. This holds iPad users hostage.

You MUST open up more that 3 layers of automated import on the iPad because no large organization, especially military, will ever enter their data into your remote servers. Nor will more organization firewalls even allow access to your company through organizational firewalls.

In order for this application to have any value, you need to allow us to import many more layers of Capabilities (at least 10) to be of any use.

I’m sure I echo out many people’s feelings in this respect.

You need to let the iPad users have full functionality or your product is of no value.