You asked me a question in my post and I have replied. Yet you are moderating out my comments. You ask $150.00USD for your iPad application. If you don’t answer the questions then I’m going to be asking for a refund.

You asked me the following question:


Syed Suhail Ahmad

I am not sure why do you need to have 6-10 layers of capabilities. Can you provide us an example so we understand your requirement?


Once more I will post my response to the question you asked me. If you moderate out my question this time I will be requesting a refund because you have misled the customer by deliberately crippling your iPad applications to force users to use your online application.

Here is my post that you have refused to allow to be see by the public:


Randy Frid April 19, 2017 at 4:54 pm Reply

I already explained this, but I will try again using three simple facts:

1. Large organizations have Capabilities that extend many layers of depth. You can’t change this.

2. No major organization will trust putting their data on your servers, especially military orgs.

3. Most major organizations would configure their firewalls from even accessing your website – therefore, the days of companies providing web apps that store highly valuable data on your remote servers in a foreign country are long gone except for a few foolhardy types that would accept that level of risk. You don’t even identify yourself on your website. What country are you from? Where is the data held? What is your security model? On and on and on.

Trust is a huge issue today. Nobody is going to trust you unless they are simply stupid. However, your iPad application is a stand-alone application that can work behind organizational firewalls. Also, we can use packet sniffers to see if your software is trying to “call home” and transmit confidential. Information without permission.
So, you have the beginnings of what could become a killer app in Enterprise Architecture, but your big business is going to be the iPad application since it can be used anywhere by medium and large organizations without security risks.

But your iPad application is basically useless for any reasonably-sized organization because of the limitation of only 3 levels of “automated import”. I regularly work on Capabilities that are 6-10 layers deep. In fact, I don’t know of any government organization that has less than 3-6 levels even when creating simple draft taxonomies.

I don’t see what your issue is? Just allow iPad users to import as many levels of Capabilities as they wish by just extending the spreadsheet template you already have. Everything stays the same. If I want to see something six layers down I can just drill down through the interface.
The final words is this: If you don focus on the iPad application and open it up for more levels of automated input your are shooting yourself in the foot. It always amazes me when people have a winning product, but the pass it over because they think that their web app will sell more Anne make more money. This is extraordinary bad business.

I see this all the time. Small companies like yours that invest a lot of time into their web app thinking it’s going to make them rich. In the meantime, the real money maker is the little iPad application they made so people that have iPads can participate. You guys need to wake up to reality and realize that your iPad app is the jewel in your company. Scrap the web app entirely and focus all your money, time and energy into building a powerhouse iPad app and you can corner a market.

But, based on my experience, you will be too passionate about your web application to let that sinking ship go. Whatever. It’s your time and money. Personally, I would rather have a product that captures and corners a market, then chase after that “Build a web app and Bill Gates will buy us our for Billions” game.

You have a solid product in your iPad app. Invest your time and money on that horse. It has much better odds of becoming the winner you are looking for. In the mean time, DON’T LIMIT THE iPad APP for any reason. Allow users to import as many layers of Capabilities that they want just by extending your spreadsheet. Or, if that is too difficult for you, then just release a version that can auto import up to 20 levels of Capabilities. I doubt anyone will go that deep unless they are insane, but it doesn’t cost you anything to allow users to auto-import more levels so give users the opportunity to auto-import from 1-20 layers of Capabilities for now.

Then focus all your energy cornering this market and building a powerful architecture application for the iPad because nobody else has one.
Hope this helps. It’s the last free advice I will give you.

And if you don’t open up your application for additional layers of automated imports then I’m just going to scrap your application and never look back. Someone else will build one and you will be sitting there one day saying, “Hey, we have an app for the iPad. It’s too bad that we didn’t focus on the iPad app instead of this ‘me-too’ web application. We could have owned that market. Instead we let it slip through our fingers. Now someone else has gone and built a better one and we lost our chance.”


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Randy Frid April 22, 2017 at 3:42 pm Reply

I’ve left you a response to your question. Can you now answer my question please? … Will you enable the automatic import of more than 3 levels of Capabilities, and if so, when will this expanded functionality be ready?
Thank you.

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