I’m not sure if you have ever heard of DoDAF, MODAF, NAF, etc. These are the military frameworks used by most NATO nations.

These frameworks are all based on Capabilities as there strategic layer.

All militaries of any decent size develop Capability taxonomies greater than 10 levels of depth.

When I said 6-10 levels, that was only an example. And No, these are not features, they are full Capabilities that many levels deep.

I want to use your iPad application to test it in a military environment. I need to import an unlimited number of levels of Capabilities.

If you have never worked for a very large military, then I can see why so many levels of capability may seem a lot to you.

i do not want you to limit you automated import to 3 levels because I deal with thousands of Capabilities that for an enormous taxonomy.

I am only asking that you remove the limitation of only being able to “automate” the import of 3 levels of depth and allow unlimited levels of “Automated” import.

For each level of depth in a Capability Taxonomy, the numbers can grow exponentially. Without the ability to import from a spreadsheet, there is simply no means of manually entering that many Capabilities by hand.

Please understand, that for most of your small clients, three levels of Capability depth is probably just fine. But for huge organizations, you have no reason to prevent automated spreadsheet input past 3 levels of depth.

Can you please provide a technological reason why you limit the spreadsheet import to only 3 levels? Unless you have some major technological reason why you can’t allow automated import of more than 3 levels, which I can’t think of, and I’ve program architect for more than 35 years.

I just can’t understand why you cripple your iPad application in such a way.

When you work for the military, they will NEVER allow us to use your website application. But using the application on a secured iPad makes your product worth using. However, I have many taxonomic branches that are far greater than 10 levels deep. And yes, these are true Capabilities, not features, or attributes, or products. They are complex Capabilities that are made up of many more Capabilities.

If you wish to prevent selling your iPad product to large military clients, then leave it at 3 levels.

However, I would consider eliminating huge clients like that is not a very smart business move, but that’s your choice.

Please respond whether or not you will open the product up to allow automated import from any number of levels of depth.

If not, then I will apply for a refund, delete your application, and move on in life.

I look forward to your response, and your rationale for crippling your own product in such a bizarre fashion.