In this article, you will learn the capability assessment framework that you can use to quickly assess your capability portfolio and make investment decisions and identifying capabilities that need to be enhanced to achieve the organization outcome. Capability assessment also uncovers business opportunities to grow.

In Evolver, you can create the capability model quickly with few easy steps. The capability model must be created independently of business processes or organization structure. Capabilities are assessed using its maturity dimension (e.g. People, Technology, Processes, data) and other dimensions such as capability complexity to indicate the amount of effort needed to change the capability and its importance within the organization. The capability assessment framework can be used to add new dimensions, Each dimension is also given a weighting in percentage. The most important dimension can be given highest weighting. With this information, you can begin with the capability assessment.

Dimension Setup

Dimension Setup

Make sure you have enough stakeholders coverage, get the input from each stakeholder. You can create many assessments and combine the data from various assessment into one organization assessment.

The Evolver generates the following bubble chart which can be used to facilitate discussion around setting priority and investments. The bubble chart is self-explanatory, the large bubbles indicate that the capability will take the considerable amount of effort to enhance or transform because of its complexity. The bubble chart can also be used to create the business case for the capabilities that require attention and a capability roadmap for transformation.

Buble chart