The way today customer is buying products is changing dramatically, instead of sitting passively, customers are reaching out to their friends and social networks to find out their options. Moreover, customers are exposed to information constantly from many touchpoints over the internet. This means marketers need to focus on the most influential touchpoint and integrate all customer-facing capabilities. Traditionally, in many companies, customer facing activities such as product web sites, advertising, brand building, customer support and loyalty programs are handled by different business units and many times their work is not coordinated.

Business designers and business architects should present a comprehensive customer management capability model to the CMO of the company that depicts the single view of all customer facing activities and highlight those capability areas which requires minor and major enhancement and also help the CMO to build new marketing capabilities. The customer management capability model may contain following capabilities

  • Ability to build brands
  • Ability to manage socials ads
  • Ability to deliver right contents at the right time
  • Ability to manage customer experience
  • Ability to automate sales activities
  • Ability to predict the best customer DNA
  • Ability to build social relationship
  • Ability to support click to chat
  • Ability to manage marketing messages

Capability Management option

Once, it is identified which capabilities organization should focus, business architects can define capability increments to deliver those capabilities with the intent of delivering a quantifiable value in each capability increment. A capability increment roadmap must be created to ensure marketers and key stakeholders understand when the capabilities will be delivered to deliver products and services to the most influential touchpoints.  

A new kind of tool is needed which can help you digitally transform your company.

  • Ability to maintain capability model
  • Ability to maintain capability increments
  • Ability to maintain capability roadmaps
  • Ability to visualize customer journeys blueprints at any given point in time
  • Ability to visualize the complex enterprise relationship at any point in time

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