Digital transformation is a type of business transformation where business capability planning and assessment play a critical role. Since a digital transformation also requires significant investment, performing the capability portfolio assessment will reveal you capability areas or dimensions (e.g. people, process, skills, technology etc.) that will require change. These changes will help you to further understand the cost of enhancing the existing capabilities or acquiring/building new capabilities.

To win early starts with the capabilities which are important for improving customer experience but require minor enhancements and are not complex in nature. For example, enhancing your customer engagement capabilities by supporting with digital technologies such as such as Chatbot. The focus should always be on customer needs and then enhancing those capabilities which create value for the customer. Once you start to build the momentum for culture change, sequence the impacted capabilities and create the capability roadmap to keep the people informed of the changes. Make sure your capability roadmap covers enhancement to capabilities like innovation management and transformation management. The Innovation Management capability provides an ability to continuously transform ideas into prototypes and new products and services. Whereas transformation management capabilities is an ability to collaborate and change. You can use Enterprise Evolver to capture the architecture of your enterprise which will help you to understand the impact of a change before a change is implemented.

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