2018 Archive - Enterprise Evolver-An App to Map the Whole Enterprise

Enterprise Evolver Intelligent Chatbot

In our previous release, we introduced an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Chatbot feature. A Chatbot is a software program that simulates human conversations, through AI’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) capability. Many times, an enterprise architecture graph or model represents a complex view of the reality of the enterprise or a stakeholder point of view. A graph […]

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Reinvent the way you do enterprise architecture with an intelligent Chatbot

One of the responsibilities of an enterprise architect is to maintain the complex relationships of all business parts (eg Goal, Policy, Initiative, Capability, Skill, Apps, Technology etc) of the enterprise over time to provide complete traceability of the enterprise. If your organization is complex, then visualizing the complexity and performing analysis sometime could be wearisome. […]

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Capability Based Planning Tutorial

A brief tutorial on Capability Based Planning (CBP). Learn how to create a capability model, perform capability assesment, model business change and create enterprise architecture to support evolution!

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Tree View

We have added two new features. The first one is about a tree view feature in Designer. This feature works like a windows explorer. On the left panel, click on the icon.Select a category, it will display all the data under the category, you can browse and navigate your hierarchical data and display the data […]

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Digital Transformation and Capability Planning

Digital transformation is a type of business transformation where business capability planning and assessment play a critical role. Since a digital transformation also requires significant investment, performing the capability portfolio assessment will reveal you capability areas or dimensions (e.g. people, process, skills, technology etc.) that will require change. These changes will help you to further […]

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Create Dashboard with the Data in Enterprise Evolver

In this article, you will learn how to quickly create an impressive dashboard using your own BI /analytics tool such as Microsft Power BI. Enterprise Evolver allows you to export data to an excel spreadsheet. These spreadsheets can be used by any BI tool to create charts and dashboard. In this example, we will create a capability dashboard. […]

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Putting Capability Model to work

In this article, you will learn the capability assessment framework that you can use to quickly assess your capability portfolio and make investment decisions and identifying capabilities that need to be enhanced to achieve the organization outcome. Capability assessment also uncovers business opportunities to grow. In Evolver, you can create the capability model quickly with […]

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